Serving Your Agency Needs From Beginning To End

Sea and Land Shipping Services, LLC is a full service agency dedicated to providing first class attendance to all your vessel’s needs in the Tampa Bay area.


We are the agent of choice for many vessel owners/charterers for the ports of Tampa, Port Manatee and the surrounding Tampa Bay area. Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience from Panama to Alaska and Canada. Our principals include some of the biggest names in the shipping industry.

As one of the agencies that specializes in bulk shipments to the smaller countries and islands, we are providers of one of the more specialized and unique services required in the loading of fertilizer. We are exclusively used for the building of artificial separations in cargo holds for different types of fertilizers allowing smaller vessels to maximize the number of grades loaded at one port call.

Sea and Land Shipping Services, LLC. is full service agency for all types of vessel requirements from full agency to husbandry only. Our staff is well versed in all matters pertaining to vessel port calls, whether is a loading/discharging charterers appointment or a simple drydocking for repairs.

In addition to fertilizer we handle imports such as steel beams, coils and rebar, bulk shipments of white cement from Europe, ammonia and sulphur for the production of fertilizers, bulk aggregate from Canada and the Caribbean basin. Our exports include used cooking oil to Germany on parcel tankers on a regular basis and the occasional shipment of citrus pellets and copper slag.


Thanks to Jane Magill’s many years in the business, we provide the most knowledgeable and experienced forwarding and documentation services in Tampa Bay. Exports documentation is done in a very timely manner no matter whether it is placing an OBL onboard or overnighting them to the discharge port. She also handles our inbound shipments of spares for vessels with the same professional dedication as the export documentation


Based on the time we have been in Tampa Bay with the same staff, we have access to information that can’t be found on fact sheets and the internet.

The amount of time spent on imports/exports has given us a unique understanding of exactly what can be expected when loading 30,000 mt of fertilizer at 3 berths or discharging 50,000 mt shipment of aggregate.

Our team works very closely with local CBP and USCG ensure all Government requirements are dealt with in the most expedient manner possible to provide a quick turnaround for all port calls regardless of problems encountered. We are fully involved with the synergy that Tampa being Florida’s largest cargo tonnage produces on a daily basis in the Tampa bay area.


Combine more than 100 years experience,  customer service, and freight forwarding expertise and local knowledge, and you have an agency perfect for your needs.
Let us show how we can be of service.